Useful tips for writing a basic academic essay

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Basic academic essay writing is essential for most students. It is a matter of remembering simple steps you can use no matter the selected topic

  • Your essay may include an introduction, body and conclusion. Your deadline is another important aspect to remember as you may need to write a few drafts to help finalize your content.
  • Select your topic based on what you know. Your topic can be anything you want as long as it is appropriate. You may want to review ideas for topics with colleagues and instructor. This helps reduce having essays on the same topic and you can be clear on whether you subject matter is appropriate for the assignment. You can start thinking about your thesis statement (main idea) and supporting points it will need to prove its argument.
  • Use an outline to help you define supporting points. Some students skip this step if they feel they know what they want to say. This can still be helpful because it puts your ideas in front of you with perspective. You get an idea of talking points you can discuss throughout the text. You can get your work organized in half the time. An outline helps you plan your next move.
  • Write a rough draft to help you organize and structure content. Your work will not be perfect at this point but it is bringing everything together. You will go back over your content and make changes to improve presentation and readability.
  • Proofread, edit and finalize your work.

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