Assault Weapons Should Be Outlawed

The issue of gun and weapon control in America has been a significant challenge for some time now. Research shows that there are over 300 million guns in the United States. These are enough for every man, women or child to own one. The law in America allows for every citizen to own a gun. However, this is only after application to own one. The main three reasons why Americans carry guns are for protection, hunting and target shooting. All these three reasons do not require the carrying of entirely or half-automatic weapons. These are guns that will fire so long as you are holding on the trigger. It is, therefore, easy for the government to control the weapons that are given to the public. The automatic guns have been used for most of the homicides reported in the United States. The government has therefore been forced to make law amendments so as to reduce the number of people owning assault weapons. The total number of assault weapons in America account for close to two percentage of the total guns in America.

Ban of Guns in the United States

This would be a move that will face a lot of opposition. First it is against Americas Second Amendment Rights that allow civilians to own licensed guns. Because of the above-stated reasons, Americans need guns. Burning guns are feared that it may lead to black market. This will land guns even the much-feared assault guns into the hands of a few people. Unfortunately, most of these people that will take the illegal guns are those that are not afraid of being on the other side of the law. This will increase insecurity to the law abiding citizens. They will have no access to guns for protection and other activities. This may not work to reduce cases of homicide but make it even worse.

Ban Assault weapons

Assault weapons are heavy, cumbersome, inaccurate and very visible. They will therefore not be appropriate for the three top reasons that we have stated here above. However, because of their automated feature, they are used in war. Many criminals will use them in mass shootings. A ban on the assault weapons will help reduce risks of internal terrorist threats and mass shootings. The government should conduct a crackdown to confiscate all the assault weapons that are being held against the law. This will also aid in minimizing the homicide attacks and bring down killings by a significant percentage.

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