Xbox 360

With technology having grown at a very high rate, video games are one of the things that have come up. Children today enjoy a wide range of video games. It is at times seen as a waste of time but research show that those people who play video games are better placed in terms of improving their decision making abilities. It is also argued that video games help to develop their brains and help in keeping it young. There are many advantages that are associated with video games. This has led to growth of video games and co-operations that deal with making video games. One of the most common video games console today is Xbox 360 that was developed and released in the year 2005. Today it has reached the seventh generation and the total number of pieces sold as of March 2014 was around 84 million pieces.

Green Screen Problem

Xbox 360 has got one major problem that gives a lot of trouble to its users. This problem is with its screen and is commonly known as the death screen problem. It is a very challenging problem and despite Xbox 360 having an online customer service many find it hard to get the problem fixed. There are a few things that you could check out and try and see if you could fix the problem yourself before looking for help elsewhere. Once you get a green screen on your Xbox 360 you could check for the following: Make sure that all cables are well fixed and none is loose. While doing this you should make sure that the power cable is intact and firmly fixed and then unplug all the other cables and plug them back correctly; Identify the hard-drive correctly and remove it and try running the Xbox 360 console. If the problem of the green screen is not there, shut down the console and return the hard-drive in its position.

Manufacturers Help

If these two ways do not help you resolve your green screen, then you can only try to have the manufacture Microsoft try resolving the problem for you. However, this will not be for free and you may be charged $150. This fee will however be paid if only your warranty has expired. Once you ask for help, you will be required to send your console to them and then wait for about two to three weeks. Otherwise, you could be sent a step by step guide of how to fix the problem yourself. The guide will have pictures to guide you through and this should be easy for you.

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