Coming Up With Outstanding Topics For A College Level Persuasive Essay

Well, most of the college students are extremely worried about their essays on the college level. The first complain you hear is about the difficulty of finding a great topic on which they can show their creative skills in the best way possible. Persuasive essays are a bit more difficult from simple essays as you have to give different arguments and persuade the reader on your opinion about the topic. In accordance with its type, you have to choose a proper topic on which you have complete command and clear thinking. In addition to this, you also should have a proper database available which you have to use to create the logical arguments according to which your opinion must be proved legit.

So, first of all we must remove the starting hurdle for the college students by giving them a list of persuasive essay topics on which they can write. I am sorry for the students who just don’t want to write the essay and just make lame excuses of not finding the correct topic, so they must continue their browsing while here comes the list of topics for the ones who actually want to write something.

  1. Smoking should be prohibited
  2. We all see everyday tens and hundreds of people smoking and we all know the harmful effects of smoking including mouth and lung cancer. On the cigarette packs, there is always written a warning about the harmful effects of it. Smoking is more injurious to the non smokers who have to inhale the smoke, even if they don’t want to because the person sitting next to them is smoking. So it should be properly prohibited like the drugs are as it is the ladder which then leads to drugs.

  3. Hostels Environment
  4. All the students of the college must live in the hostels to experience this kind of lifestyle in which they have to rely on themselves instead of their parents and they have to live with a community instead of just their parents or family.

  5. Necessity of HR Managers
  6. HR Managers are the need of every company today.

  7. Fighting Terrorism with Education
  8. The increase in the literacy level of the areas affected by terrorism could help in vanishing the extremist way of thinking from the next generation of these areas.

  9. Gender Equality
  10. Living in such a modern age, but still we are not able to provide gender equality to women.

  11. Bullying as a crime
  12. Bullying should be dealt as a serious crime as it causes loss of many precious lives every year.

  13. . Improvement of Labor Laws

    Labor laws need to be improved as the already present laws are unable to fulfill the rights of laborers properly.

  14. Policies for homeless
  15. With the recent recession, the number of homeless people has increased drastically. So proper policies for them are necessary for the greater benefit of society.

  16. End of Nuclear Bombs production
  17. The nuclear powers already have created so many nuclear weapons that could destroy the whole world so now their production must end and the money must be spent on humanity.

  18. Poverty, the reason behind crimes
  19. Poverty is the real reason behind all the crimes.

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