A List Of Suggestions For Informational Essay Topics

  1. Roe vs. Wade
  2. Back in the 1970s this infamous court case began the decline of morality within the United States. After winning the case what did Roe do? How has her case affected women since 1973? Is the case used as an excuse nowadays for women when they argue to get an abortion?

  3. Homeschooling
  4. What are the benefits of homeschooling? What do homeschooling families have to deal with when it comes to the state? Inform the reader about the different methods that homeschooling families use and of the homeschooling groups they form to better stay in contact with one another.

  5. Fireplaces
  6. There is dissension in the U.S. over the use of fireplaces in the home. What are the benefits to having a working fireplace? Talk about how the heating bill would not be as high and that in the case of losing power you could still keep the house warm by using the fireplace. Why are people against fireplaces and is it a good reason? Bring up the fact that since the beginning of man’s existence he has been using fire to stay warm.

  7. Raising chickens
  8. What are the benefits a family could have by raising chickens? By raising chickens the family could supply themselves with eggs and meat, thereby decreasing a little from their grocery bill and providing good food for their growing children.

  9. Sports world
  10. The sports world is more than a means of athletes playing different games as a means of competition. Do more athletes play for money than for the thrill of the sport? How do those athletes who are more concerned with their image compare to those who care about the sport?

  11. Being literate
  12. Talk about the necessity of being able to read and write. How is it more important knowing how to read or write as opposed to knowing how to advanced math and science? Why should schools push for more advanced reading and writing programs than are now available? Bring up the reading level of teenagers a hundred years ago as opposed to now as an example that the education nowadays is degrading reading and writing.

  13. Shakespeare benefits
  14. What are the benefits to reading Shakespeare? Be informative as you go through Shakespeare’s plays, his depictions of human nature and the quite believable scenarios he writes his plays around. How can Shakespeare be a good teacher for one in learning to understand the people around him or her?

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