Is It Possible To Write My Essay In One Day?

So, you left everything for the very last minute? Now, you are stressed and terrified because you do not know whether it is possible to write a long paper in one day. As for many people this is a normal occurrence, and yes, it is possible to write a whole essay in one day, however there will be several techniques you will have to use to ensure that you do finish on time.

Sign out of all your social media accounts, at least until you get the essay done:

Let’s face it. You know you only waste time on your facebook, twitter, Instagram and tumblr accounts, in fact, it’s probably what landed you in this situation. Even worse, you can spend hours on end without even noticing them flying past just scrolling down. So next time you have to write something at all, get it out of the way without any distractions. No… You can’t use 9GAG either.

Pomodoro technique:

Setting a timer to 30 minutes and racing it will help you avoid distractions and write a good-quality essay in less time than you would if you were Facebooking and tweeting the fact that you’re writing it. Once your timer is finished, you should take a five minute break to clear your head and help you with the next 30 minute stretch.

Turn off your cellphone:

Your friends saw you in school. Odds are, you’re doing your homework at home. Turn your cellphone off and I can guarantee it will be much easier and faster to get the assignment done.

If you’re going to use Wikipedia, use it well:

Everyone you know has done it. In fact, you have probably done it too. You’ve gone to the big academic NO-NO that is Wikipedia and gotten information from there. Pro-tip: read (scan) and synthesize what you need to know and then, go to the bottom of the page, there you will find all the links and book titles you could possibly wish for in one convenient place. Just write your citations and reference those, much more credible books and web pages, instead of Wikipedia. This also gives you more sources.

Cite your references with word:

Your references can be made into MLA or APA or whatever citation style you’ve been required with the references tab at the top of the menu on Word. There, you just need to choose the style and fill in the blanks and voilà, you have references.

Last but not least, next time you have to write an essay, DON’T wait until the very last minute.

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