Composing A Compare And Contrast Essay About North And South Korea

The essence of a compare and contrast essay is to choose two objects, find the features that make them similar and the ones that are completely different, and analyze them. Though quite interesting, such a project can be quite complicated for a student who is not very good at writing. If you have always had issues with academic writing, get assistance from this agency without extra troubles. Yet, if you need some more information, keep on reading and get to know useful tips.

How to Start Writing

  • Make sure that you know what your teacher wants from you.
  • If you are not sure, ask your teacher all the questions that you have. Though many students fear that thy look stupid when they ask simple questions, teachers really prefer that they ask instead of rushing in a wrong direction.

  • Make sure that you understand the topic.
  • If you are told to compare and contrast North and South Korea, it’s not a topic. You need to choose whether you are going to compare and contrast their technological achievements, culture, political life, etc. Choose a topic, if you have none, but make sure that you know exactly what it means.

  • Start as soon as you receive the assignment.
  • The sooner you start, the more time you will have to change the topic, research the necessary information, correct your mistakes, etc., keeping in mind that you have many other things to do apart from the essay. Compose your own schedule of working and set your own deadlines.

How to Compare and Contrast

  • Compose an outline first.
  • You do need an outline that will help you keep in mind the schedule of working. With the help of this outline, you will not forget to mention important details. There will be no mess in your argumentation. Besides that, the outline will help you define paragraphs within your essay correctly.

  • Choose reliable arguments.
  • You should remember that all the statements that you make should be based on reliable facts. It means that when you determine the compared and contrasted features, you will need to collect a reliable reference base for the comparison. If you choose online sources, make sure that they are trustworthy. Such sources are online versions of well-known offline publications and websites that end with *.edu, *.gov, or *.org.

  • Choose proper methods of comparison.
  • It’s very important because properly chosen methods will help you build up a logically correct structure. Besides that, with good methods, you will show that you are a serious researcher with a scientific approach.

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