Abusive Relationships

Abusive relationships can have a harsh effect on everyone involved. In many cases people think about the victim or the person being abused. Whether they are experiencing physical or emotional abuse, in most societies it is not acceptable. But why do such relationships continue to exist and who is to blame? A person being abused by someone may seem to be the party experiencing the most hurt, but what about the abuser? Should people have sympathy for someone that purposely hurts another person for reasons that often make no sense at all?

There are reasons why people may feel bad for the abuser. In many cases we are not sure what is going on with the abuser, but a few have had life rough for years. Some have family members such as a parent be abusive to them and this is all they know. There are people that were born with drugs in their system and it affects how they perceive certain things while growing up. Others may live in an environment where people do not treat others with respect. They think it is okay to treat others poorly or they have issues with anger management.

So, in what case would people have no sympathy for the abuser? This question is debatable as some feel if a person knows what they are doing there should be no sympathy for them. Some feel a person who goes around abusing others cannot be helped and they should be punished. On the other hand, you have the person who was abused. They may claim to love the person they are with and that alone is the reason why they haven’t left them. As many say love is blind, but you should not have to stay with someone who hurts you. Many do this because they think the person will change or they can change them.

Abusive relationships continue to be a problem around the world. There are different types of abusive relationships and younger people, such as teenagers, are experiencing them in school. Few feel not enough is being done to put an end to it. Yet, when you have people who are willing to stay in the relationship it is almost a waste of time trying to help them see things clearly. There are organizations out there that can help people get out of such relationships, but are there enough?

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