Should The Us Intervene In Syria If The Threat Of Chemical Weapons Still Exists?

Chemical weapons are mass destruction weapons, which are based on the various toxic substances. This means that chemical weapons can kill hundreds or even thousands of people in a very short period of time. Another very unpleasant feature of chemical weapons are side effects from exposure. They are revealed in the form of dangerous diseases among those who did not die immediately. In the second half of the twentieth century, many countries got an opportunity to possess such weapons, since their production became relatively cheap. In addition, rockets, shells or even grenades can contain deadly chemicals inside.

A large number of mass destruction weapons may be located Syria. Documented facts during Syrian civil war, which began in 2011 and continues to this day, confirm that. Beside that, such weapons must be put under a reliable control. Otherwise, there is the likelihood of military conflict, which can cause great harm not only to countries, which border Syria, but to the entire world. International community and the United States have make fast responds to such threats. Organizations such as UN have the authority to organize a military peacekeeping contingent in order to ensure collective security. On the one hand, if a some country does not wish to comply international treaties, the military intervention in its affairs is a necessity. It is so, because if terrorists use chemical weapons and destroy the infrastructure of developed countries, it can lead to a complete collapse of the economy.

On the other hand, if you do not respect the right of freedom and independence of the country, the society can not be considered democratic. That is why intervention in the form of a peacekeeping contingent is a measure of last resort. Such actions should only be performed if diplomatic negotiations or sanctions have not given any results. The result of badly considered actions can be dead civilians. In addition to the above mentioned, I would like to note that in case of violation of any international laws by the representatives of the country, which performs the intervention, these persons should be brought to the court.

It cannot be denied that the thorough control of chemical weapons is needed. The question is, where does the internal affairs of the state end and international interests begin. Is it possible to send troops to a foreign country, if the decision is based on unconfirmed data about their possession of mass destruction weapons? I believe that all information must be checked. Any actions must be done only after such check. However, substances, upon which chemical weapons are created, cause irreparable damage to the ecology of our planet. Therefore, it is necessary to take the lives of future generations into account . If people do not stop the use of chemical weapons now, it may be too late tomorrow.

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