What It Takes To Be An American Soldier

American soldiers are respected all over the world. No wonder it is the most covert force that many young men and women wish and dream of joining. They, however, go through a rigorous training and in most cases some trainees quit before their training period is over. The training is what makes a young man real soldier. During training, soldiers are prepped for all the harsh conditions you could think of. They also get enough training that make then form a disciplined force. It is, therefore, important for those willing to join the American soldiers to be ready both psychologically and physically. There are various steps that a soldier needs to go through before they can graduate. Some of the requirements will bide them even after they graduate. Others like training will just come along because they will realize that they need it. The key things that will be looked into before one becomes an American soldier include citizenship, proof of residency, minimum age of twenty-eight years, physical examination and minimum education level of a diploma holder.

Becoming a soldier

Meeting a recruiter is the first step that has to be undertaken by any person aspiring to become an American soldier. This is the person that will guide you and answer the entire questions you have about the Army. They will also subject you to some light exercises to gauge if you can cope the rigorous training. You then have to go through the basic combat training. This is the training that will convert civilians into soldiers. It is in phases and recruits are taught basic things like how to march and shoot. Recruits will then advance to Individual level training. They will be taught on how they will perform their duties as soldiers.

Being a Soldier

Once you have made a decision to be a soldier, you have to know that there are some values that you will have to live with. This will be whether you are at work or during your leave. This begins with upholding the Constitution of the United States of America. They are also required to perform the training that is important to maintain their body fit to carry out the duties of a soldier. American soldiers are also expected to live up by the army values. The Army Ethos is s pledge that will always govern their deeds. These army values include self-service, honor, integrity, respect, duty, loyalty and self-courage.

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