Simple Instructions For Writing An Essay On Communication And Culture

The culture of a group of people and the way they communicate are indelibly connected; the connection is a topic of great interest for sociology, anthropology, philosophy, humanities and other fields of study. This makes it a great topic for writing an essay on. However, it is a very broad topic unless you narrow it down.

When writing your essay on communication and culture, try following these simple instructions:

  1. You should know something about the nature of culture and how communication is used within culture. This will show how the two are related. While doing this research, you may come across some sub-topics you can use, such as intercultural communication, skills, theory, children and culture, etc.
  2. You will be presenting an argument. A good essay doesn’t just present a summary or a piece of information. It should make a particular point, answer a question, and make the reader form a strong opinion.
  3. Many teachers will recommend you compare, contrast, analyse, discuss and evaluate.
  4. When planning your essay, you must first make a schedule and devote adequate time to all the steps in writing and finishing your paper. Ensure you don’t spend too much time on any one stage of the process.
  5. All the research you do in this next stage should be looking for important points that will contribute to the purpose of the paper as well as engage the reader. Look for current developments and theories in your field. What is currently being debated? Cover some interesting points.
  6. As you search for evidence to answer your research question, look for primary and secondary sources for support. Primary sources are from a person who was in attendance of the event. Secondary sources are reporting about the event based on others’ observations and perceptions.
  7. You can find interesting sources at your local library as well as buy philosophy essay online. Start on your essay early so you aren’t competing for books along with all the other students trying to get theirs written at the same time.
  8. Writing the essay begins with creating a working outline. This outline will be a skeleton of the essay, and contain all the main points and supporting minor points. Put them into a logical order and then use the outline as a foundation for writing your paper. This will ensure you don’t miss any important information.
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