Discovering Interesting Classification Essay Topics: Top 7 Suggestions

Writing an interesting classification essay can be a bit of a challenge for students who are inexperienced. Classification papers require that students identify and illustrate different varieties of a subject. Even if their written skills are great, many will struggle coming up with a good topic that is both challenging and grasps their imagination well enough that they will devote the time to research and write a good essay. Here are seven ideas that make for really interesting topics:

  1. Dormitory and Off-Campus Living. Different rules, freedoms, conveniences and distractions exist in each of these styles of living that students will often find themselves preferring one or the other. What are the differences that most affect your preference and what are the similarities the blend the two?
  2. Elevator and Office Music. Both of these places tend to have music that is considered soothing to the ear and diminishes different types of stress that could affect both employees and clients. What are the types of music that is most often hear and what other kinds do you think would be acceptable?
  3. On-Campus Jobs for College Students. On-campus jobs offer a lot of perks for students – including hours, a reasonable wage, the ability to shift schedules, etc. What specifically separates these employment opportunities from those students could find off-campus?
  4. Competitive and Recreational Sports. Clearly the one obvious difference with the two is that one can lead to a professional career for the most athletically gifted and talented, while the other is more for health or enjoyment purposes. But there are other less obvious differences that many will side with passionately. What are these differences?
  5. Ways of Being a Societal Menace. There are a number of local rules and legislation which govern the way citizens behave towards one another and in public spaces. Some of these are a lot more serious than others. What are these differences and how do they factor in with whether law-breakers become social menaces?
  6. Customer or Clients in the Workplace. What are the particulars about how customers or clients are treated in different workplaces? For instance how do restaurant patrons differ from customers in a coffee shop?
  7. Rides at Different Amusement Parks. Many believe that the type of rides in different theme or amusement parks is what matters the most in giving a place character. What are the differences between rides?
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