Fragile X Syndrome

Fragile X syndrome inherited from parents. The condition can be suffered by both the boy and the girls. The disorder is however mainly suffered by the boys. The condition is genetic. This makes it incurable. The disorder cannot be fully treated by the modern medicine. Patients with the disorder can, however, seek advice from physicians. They can also go to therapy sessions that can be helpful in reducing the effects of the disorder on the individual. The Fragile X syndrome is a condition or disorder that is characterized majorly by disabilities that are developmental or intellectual in nature. The patient can thus suffer learning disorders. Such people are slow in learning and understanding of things. They can also develop different symptoms in the course of their growth. This condition has impacts in the whole life of the individuals that suffer from it.

Causes of the Fragile X Disorder

The condition of Fragile X Syndrome results from the failure of the synthesis or production of proteins that occurs on the FMR gene. The FMR gene is located or is found on the X chromosome. The mutations that occur in the gene are the ones that cause the defects on the X chromosome. Since the men have two X chromosomes, it makes it easier for the condition to be inherited more by the boys than the girls. The mutations that occur inhibit the synthesis and the production of proteins in the chromosomes. These are proteins that are essential to the nervous system. Either lack of or the shortage of the proteins leads to the Fragile X Disorder.

Symptoms and Effects of Fragile X Syndrome

The people with the disorder mostly have feet. They also have a face that is elongated with their ears protruding. The forehead of these individuals may be large. Those who suffer the Fragile X Syndrome have problems with the rate in which they develop. They have delays in learning, and social behavior may be difficult for them to learn. The symptoms that the patients may exhibit include sleeplessness and depression. They may also be hyperactive and sometimes experiencing seizures. Anxiety is common among the people with the Fragile X disorder. They may have a dislike for other persons or avoid meeting some people. They do not like looking at people in the face or make eye contact. The condition and its symptoms are suffered in the lifetime of the patient. Unfortunately, the condition is not curable.

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