The Top 20 Winning U.S. History Regents Essay Topics

As you study American history, the following topics can help you to create well written essays once you have done the required studying and research. They are as follows:

  1. How did the Zimmerman Telegram influence the United States decision to enter World War 1?
  2. How did the need for employment affect the ethnic distributions in cities?
  3. Describe the way the Quota System was used to influence the waves of early migration to America
  4. How were the rights of women and African Americans expanded to include a full vote?
  5. How was the 2001 creation of the Homeland Security Department expected to make life safer for Americans on American soil?
  6. What was President George Washington’s role in the establishment of a policy of American non-involvement?
  7. Explain the aspects of the Chinese Exclusion Act that were meant to combine with easy entry for Western European migrants to create a more Caucasian society.
  8. Which aspects of the Constitution were allowed to remain unwritten but still followed through as law?
  9. Describe the circumstances that lead to the eventual creation of America’s anti-trust laws?
  10. How was the concept of Manifest Destiny used to expand the American territory into lands previously settled by indigenous people?
  11. How did the polices of President Reagan manage to justify a reduction in taxes for the wealthiest Americans under his tenure?
  12. Compare the institutes of Indentured Servitude and Chattel Slavery as they were enacted on American soil
  13. Outline the major reasons that America sought independence from the British Empire.
  14. Name the branches of U.S. government and outline their functions and relationships with each other
  15. Outline the War of 1812 and the various occurrences that led to it taking place
  16. To what extent can slavery be seen as the catalyst for the Civil War?
  17. How did the implementation of Prohibition affect the revenue of the criminal underworld?
  18. Explain the social, political and economic phenomena that combined to create the Great Depression of the 1920’s
  19. Compare the Great Depression with the recent Great Recession caused by the subprime mortgage crisis
  20. Explain how the events in Selma led to the success of the desegregation movement

These topics span hundreds of years of history and many others are also possible so feel free to explore the material until you find the one you feel works best in your circumstance.

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