A List Of Great Topics For College Argumentative Essays

Generating fresh ideas for argumentative essays can be a daunting task. You need to keep the assignment type, structure, format and purpose in your mind while choosing the right topic for your paper. This might take longer than you actually planned or expected. You may face issues in generating fresh ideas through brainstorming or eliminating irrelevant ideas from the raw list of possible topics. Students often have plenty of ideas to write about but find it hard to shape them in form of a proper topic for their essay. Sometimes the topic they choose is not unique and many other students are already writing about it. Other times a unique topic may not be narrow or broad enough to cover your paper. They may also have issues in choosing their stance and deciding which side they will support in their essay. Even when everything is falling into place for the perfect topic, you may not find enough evidence and supporting materials to support your stance.

Does the above paragraph relate a lot to your situation? Do you think all these problems or most of them occur with you when composing a topic for your argumentative essay?

Well do not worry!

You are not the only student who faces these issues. Many students across the world find it hard to come up with strong argumentative topics on their own. It is important for you to realize the core reason and address the issue that blocks your creativity or imagination.

Take a careful look at the given below topics and see how they address a certain issue or cover the subject. Remember that the topic of your paper should be something that readers can agree or disagree to. Do not write about general statements and universal facts that do not allow argument

Argumentative essay topics for students in college

  1. Drug abuse is dangerous but not drug use
  2. Child abuse has worse effects in shaping the personality and traits of a person
  3. Finances have a lot to do with the success of marriage
  4. Religion gives reason for oppression of women
  5. Feminist are usually anti-religious
  6. Everyone is a communist unless they are rich
  7. Being rich and famous is not everything you ever need
  8. Life is a walk in the park given that you make right choices
  9. We decide our own fate
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