A List Of Funny Essay Writing Topics For High School Students

Essay writing can be boring and tedious if you feel compelled to write the types of topics that have been used by thousands of other students before you. If you want to try to inject some humor into your work, consider some of the topics listed below:

  1. Fishing for trouble
  2. Describe the poor preparation, blunt reflexes and imperviousness to good advice that lead to a novice fisherman being thrown overboard.

  3. A bad day at the pool.
  4. This essay can detail the emotional trials of a six year old whose flotation devices make him the laughingstock at a public swimming pool.

  5. The first and last dance.
  6. Write about someone who attends a prom where the dance moves the other students are using are complicated and hard to keep up with. He or she attempts to keep up but fails miserably, remains unpopular and chooses not to dance ever again.

  7. Life of the party.
  8. In this scenario, a freshman gets extremely intoxicated and approaches a teacher with a flirtatious manner lacking dignity. This can culminate in an overly dramatic chastisement close to the DJ involving a spilled drink which ends the musical accompaniment.

  9. Football tryouts.
  10. Christopher was no athlete but he tried for the school’s football team anyway. Describe how hilarious his technique was. Detail his staggering run, his powerless throw, his countenance when being stampeded, etc.

  11. Community service.
  12. Megan and her friends traveled to a Valentine’s day celebration at the local community center where she was scheduled to recite poetry. Detail her jokes relating to school for example distasteful cafeteria food, teachers and their habits, and highlight of the clumsy happenings of school life etc.

  13. Date night.
  14. Describe a situation where someone bumps into a waiter, spilling foodstuff on the patrons of a nearby table.

  15. Breaking the bully.
  16. Report how you would plan or assist in the preparation of getting the class bully in trouble.

  17. Delinquent’s day.
  18. Start and end with the Spanish oral exam in class where various students fed the class delinquent false phrases and words regarding the graded session.

  19. A Drunken State Of Affairs.
  20. While walking home from school you see a drunk debating with a dog and a tree. Describe their conversation

  21. One Day With Super Powers
  22. You wake up one day with laser vision and super speed and decide to use your powers for selfish reasons only. Describe your day.

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