Hyacinth Flower


Hyacinth flower is a genus of bulbous flower. They are planted in fall where as they borne in spring. This genus is mostly found on Mediterranean coasts and Turkmenistan. Each bulb consists of four to six leaves and almost one to three spikes of flowers. Hyacinth is further divided in three species which are (a) hyacinth litwinovii, (b) hyacinth orientalis, (c) hyacinth transcaspicus. The flowers have deep fragrance and they are closely packed with tubular bell shaped, single or double flowers.

Hyacinth Flower

Hyacinth Flower is grown in autumn. Their bulbs are four inches deep and at least three inches apart. Its growth is advisable in well drained, moderately fertile soil and sun or partial shade. Before it is sown, the soil is loosened in order to improve conditions for its growth. The plant should be protected from excessive moisture in winter. One thing about which everyone should sure is, after flowering in spring, cut the flower stalks but let the leaves die naturally. Hyacinth flowers are best planted after the first fall to avoid premature growth. They need enough time in spring to bloom. It is also better to plant the flowers after heavy rainfall. Hyacinth plants are constantly watered during the fall season. An annual application of compost should provide adequate nutrients. Hyacinth flowers sizes keeps on declining in the subsequent years which is a proven fact in researches. They are sky blue flowers with dark blue veins. They are fluffy whorls in a variety of colors.

In other words they differ from other flowers in many ways because of their growth and their care. They store energy for complete year and with the help of that they grow flowers in the next season.


Hyacinth flowers are to be grown in those areas where there is complete sun or light shade. If they are to be grown in places where there is freezing temperature or the ground is frozen in winters then special care is to be adopted for the growth of Hyacinth flowers in such areas.

Hyacinth flowers can also grow well indoor but special precautionary measures to be taken for them which include the growth of plant in a container which has enough room for its root to grow.

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