10 Unique Compare And Contrast Essay Topics On Mcdonald’s And Burger King

The ultimate purpose of a compare and contrast essay is to essentially highlight the features that make two things similar and alike. There are tons of things students can compare, but it’s hard to think of something creative. For every one topic you can think of comparing/contrasting, though, you can come up with another 10. For example, when it comes to fast food – say comparing Burger King to McDonald’s – there’s more you can dedicate an entire paper to than just how the food stacks up to one another. Here are some ideas of different topics you can write about focusing strictly on the differences between McDonald’s and Burger King:

  1. Distribution: Several fast food chains exist internationally; see where both of these burger restaurants are located, and where they are not. Is one in more countries than the other? Or does one have more locations per country than another? Why do you think that is? How do both companies go about spreading internationally?
  2. Ingredients: Everyone nowadays tries to pride themselves on using fresh ingredients, so look at the history of both fast food chains. See if any drastic changes have been made to the ingredients used, and if both have changed similar things.
  3. Food realm: How do these chains compare to other competitors? Especially in regards to how the public views both of them.
  4. History: When and how did both of these chains get started? Were they started on a similar principle or foundation? Both have come a long way since their origin, so see what kind of peaks and valleys the two companies have experienced.
  5. Goals: What is the mission statement of both fast food joints? It is not unheard of for food chains to have an ultimate goal that they desire to fulfill to their customer, or a certain experience that they strive to create for the customer. Do they both have similar goals?
  6. Charities: What charities, if any, are both companies affiliated with? What do they do for fundraising/raising awareness, and how do their strategies compare to one another?
  7. Demographic: Usually, fast food chains target a specific demographic of people to appeal to. Find out if that’s the case for either restaurant.
  8. Advertisements: Has either restaurant had banned advertisements? What about commercials or posters that seemed to mimic their rival’s? How did they do this, and why do you think they did this?
  9. Menu: There is an ongoing rivalry between both chains, and many claim that perhaps certain menu items are sometimes copied off of the other restaurant’s menu.
  10. Corporation: Do the two corporations run and function in a similar manner?
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