A List Of Controversial Essay Topics For College

Coming up with a topic for a paper can be one of the hardest parts of the whole process. Whether or not your professor has provided a general topic, you’ll likely have to at least narrow it down yourself. When it comes to choosing a topic for college essays, many students are afraid to go with anything too controversial. But, in crowded classrooms that often have dozens or hundreds of students, making your essay stand out from the others can be a crucial part of getting a good grade. And a memorable essay can make you stand out too. One of the easiest ways to make a paper stand out is to go with a controversial essay. Use these topics as ideas to get started:

  1. Is Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal” actually a good idea?
  2. Should people with low IQs be forcibly sterilized?
  3. Should inmates and sex offenders be able to be sterilized without their consent?
  4. Was the US justified in bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
  5. Was the rise of ISIS, would keeping Sadam Hussein in power have been worth it?
  6. Should doctor assisted suicide be allowed for Alzheimer’s patients?
  7. Should polygamy be included in the definition of marriage?
  8. Will technology solve environmental issues, allowing humans to outgrow problems?
  9. Should the global population be forcibly limited?
  10. As populations grow, should eating meat be illegal?
  11. In order to receive welfare benefits, should people in the United States have to pass a drug test?
  12. Should the President of the United States be required to have a college degree?
  13. Are single gender schools more effective, and if so at what ages are they most effective?
  14. Should local school districts have the power to ban evolution from their curriculum in the United States?
  15. Can school districts force their students to pray in schools?
  16. Are there any animals that it should be illegal to eat?
  17. Should the United States and other countries send nuclear arsenals into the sun for disposal.

When using a controversial topic for an essay its important to approach it like you would any other paper—plan your argument and organize your paper well to present it in the most effective way possible. Regardless of how controversial the topic, make sure you still present a logical and balanced argument.

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