Writing A Persuasive Essay About Justice: 10 Helpful Suggestions

A persuasive essay is written with the intent of trying to convince the reader to agree on certain facts and to believe in a compelling cause. It is also written to consider a viewpoint from a different angle than the reader might have. When writing a persuasive argument, particularly about justice, special attention should be given to the authenticity of the facts and figures. For example, if the reader decides to corroborate them for verification purposes, they should be 100% error-free. If not, this ambiguity should be declared, or a disclaimer or disclosure clause should be added. The rhetoric used should also be compelling enough to persuade the reader to believe in the content of the essay. For example, using the pronoun “we” in a persuasive essay about a social cause can automatically create a collective sense as opposed to creating an “us versus them” mentality.

There are various other things to be considered when writing a persuasive essay that would improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the writing. However, for the purpose of this article we concentrate on 10 helpful suggestions that can significantly heighten the arguments and sensitize the reader to the content of the writing on justice.

  1. Facts and figures: Nothing can compel a reader more than the authenticity of the facts and figures sourced from the justice department.

  2. Clarify the arguments: Make it easy for the reader to clarify the arguments by naming the sources.

  3. Structure the argument: Tell whether or not justice has been served in a structured and systematic manner.

  4. Make it personal: Start the argument with a personal touch. Let the argument be something that has touched you or your loved ones.

  5. Relevant to the masses: The just cause for which you are arguing should be something that is relevant to the masses or the mainstream people.

  6. Argue with passion: Passion sells and makes people want to hear you more.

  7. Pound the table: Repeating arguments in a persuasive essay for a just cause have the effect of pounding the table.

  8. Winning justice: Show them what a scenario would look like if justice were served.

  9. Wrap-up with conclusions: For ease of reading, it is highly recommended to wrap up the paper with conclusions.

  10. For further communication: Leave the reader with some ways to engage in the cause.

All said and done, the success of a persuasive essay about justice depends on a myriad of other possibilities. However, the above 10 tips should serve as beneficial guidelines.

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